This site provides a series of web applications for processing Inuktut text.

Inuktitut-English Dictionary
This app allows you to get information about an Inuktitut word, namely: morphological decomposition, English translations and bilingual examples of use. The dictionary can also be used in the en-iu direction in order to find possible Inuktitut translations of an English word.

Spell Checker
This app allows you to spot and correct spelling mistakes in Inuktitut text.

Web Search engine
A specialised web search engine for Inuktut which searches not only for the word you provide, but also closely related words. This is something that mainstream search engines like Google and Bing are not able to do for Inuktut.

Morpheme Dictionary
This app allows learners to get information about an Inuktut morpheme, namely: meaning, rules of use and examples of words that use it.

Reading Assistant
This app helps second language learners to read and comprehend Inuktitut text. Each word in the text becomes clickable to provide its bilingual dictionary entry. If the text is also available in English, the Gister will display the Inuktitut and English text side by side.

Third party tools

Inuktitut Computing Transcoder
Transcode text from syllabic to roman or vice versa.
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